Approved design

life-sciencesThe Harvest Partnership has considered the design and layout of the scheme very carefully, particularly as the northern third of the site, which will be led by Birmingham City Council, will be taken up by the Life Sciences Campus.

The Sainsbury’s store has been placed to the south-east corner, close to the existing canal and Bristol Road, so that it does not dominate the site, but instead:

  • Enables active frontage on the canal for other uses
  • Creates the opportunity for links across the canal via the new footbridge
  • Enables pedestrian links to be clearly defined, with a connection from Bristol Road, via the new Canalside Square or stairs and a lift next to the Sainsbury’s store
  • Allows for the introduction of a greenway to Selly Oak Park

The Harvest Partnership is confident that the approved proposals offer optimum benefit, and are viable and deliverable. This is a major investment opportunity that will put the heart back into Selly Oak, where people will be able to work, relax and get together in exceptional surroundings.